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How do I embed Canvas Studio media in a course?

How do I embed Canvas Studio media in a course?

In Canvas, users can embed media from Canvas Studio in any feature area with the Rich Content Editor, including Assignments, Discussions, and Pages. Media is embedded using the Studio LTI tool. You can select existing media and also upload new media through the Studio LTI tool.

When embedding media in Canvas, comments are enabled by default, but you can choose to disable comments. Regardless of comments, embedded media views are always included in analytics. Additionally, when embedding media in Canvas, the download option is disabled by default, but you can choose to enable the download option.

Embedding Media in Assignments and Discussions

If you are an instructor and embedding media in an assignment or a discussion, you may consider disabling comments. For graded assignments, inline comments are not a replacement for submissions and never display in SpeedGrader. For instance, when embedding media in a graded discussion, students could post inline comments, but to receive a grade, they would also have to post a reply to the graded discussion. The discussion reply would display in SpeedGrader for grading. However, comments could be enabled when embedding media in a No Submission or Not Graded assignment.

Embedding Media as a Student

If you are a student, media you embed into a Canvas course or group is created as a new copy owned by your instructor. When embedding media, you will not be able to edit any details, so you may want to confirm the name of your media before it is uploaded. Otherwise, you can contact your instructor to modify the details of your media.

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