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Resources for Creating Websites/Webpages/Course Content

In this resource, we'll outline some helpful resources for creating interactive websites/course content. 

Creating websites using one of these various free website builders.

Create free websites with easy drag and drop, designer­ made templates. No tech skills needed.


Create free websites and blogs with Weebly’s drag and drop builder.

Google Sites 

Download Link­ pdf explaining start ­up basics for students using Google Sites at Humboldt State (must log in with HSU credentials to view)

Get started with Google Sites Tutorials

  • Sample Site­ with tutorials and videos for each functional element in

    a Google Site (must log in with HSU credentials to view)

  • Google Sites Template­ Google Site set up as a “How To” guide


You can utilize the page feature in Canvas to create graphic pages or Wiki's. 

You can also open page editing to students for assignments and group work. You can read about it in this quick guide

Free image resources

These websites allow you to use open source, free image material without having to provide credit. Although it is nice to do so, it is not a requirement for these sites. 

You can find endless amounts of free images to help emphasize and visualize your website or course content.