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How do I edit the auto-generated YouTube captions?

You will learn how to edit the automatically generated video captions on your YouTube videos.

1. Getting to the YouTube Caption Editor

On the YouTube home page:

1.) Click your User Account Icon in the top-right corner.

2.) Select YouTube Studio (beta)

Go to your Creator Studio

From the Creator Studio Home page, navigate to the "Videos" Tab

In the Video tab, select a video you would like to edit the captions for.

Go to your Video Manager for the video you want to add Captions to and go to the Subtitles/CC tab. Then click the blue "Add new subtitles or CC" button and select the language of the captions you are adding.

2. Editing Transcripts/Captions

Once the caption to edit has been selected (In this case, English (Automatic)), you will be brought to the subtitles and CC settings for that caption's language. Select Edit to begin editing the transcripts.

General Overview:

1.) Edit the caption text.

2.) Adjust timing by stretching/shortening caption box and moving the caption on the audio timeline.

3.) Save changes.

Once you have pressed "Save changes", the subtitles will be queued for publishing, and will be available when publishing is complete.