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How do I become a contributor to edit captions on YouTube?

This tutorial will show you how to accept an invite to become a YouTube contributor and edit captions.

1. Accepting the Invitation

Firstly, you need to have been invited to become a contributor by whomever wants you to add or edit captions. If they have not done so, a full guide on how to invite someone to become a contributor can be found here.

Once the email has been sent, it may take a while to arrive in your inbox. If more than an hour has passed and you don't see the email, check in the "all mail" or "junk" tabs and see if the email has been hidden from you, as this can sometimes occur.

When you receive the email, which will be labeled as "Invitation to access <whomever has invited you,>" click into it and hit "Accept Invitation."

Click the "Accept invitation" button in the center of the screen in the email sent by YouTube.

Once you have clicked the button, it will redirect you to your YouTube studio with a popup saying "All set!" From here, you can hit "Go to channel" and begin editing.

A message saying "All set!" will appear, you can close this or go to the channel to edit.

For a guide on how to edit captions, click here.