How do I upload a video to YouTube?

You will learn how to upload a video to YouTube.

For help creating a video, head here: How do I record a video in Camtasia?

1. Go to, login to YouTube, and click the Upload button.

Youtube homepage highligting the upload button in the upper right corner

2. Either drag your video file into the area or click the arrow to select a file from your computer.

Youtube upload page, highligting the upload section

3. Change the settings on your video while it is processing.

  1. Change the title of your video.
  2. Give your video a good description. (optional)
  3. Give your video some tags to help find it easier (optional.)
  4. Change the privacy of your video.

- Public - Anyone can see the video

- Unlisted - Anyone with the link to the video can watch it. Won't appear through searches.

- Private - Only you can see the video.

- Scheduled - Have the video upload on a certain date.

Youtube upload processing page indicating location of the steps in the above description

The "Advanced Settings" tab contains additional options for you to change, but generally should remain the same.

Youtube upload processing page, highlighting the advanced settings tab to the middle right as well as the Publish button in the upper right of the page.

4. When finished, hit the "Publish" button.

Congratulations! Your video is now uploaded to YouTube.

You can make changes to the video such as adding audio or captions by clicking these buttons while on the video, or by going to the Video Manager.

Youtube video editor highligting editing tools to the left and Youtube's Vidoe Manager to the right.

For help adding captions to your video, head here: How do I create Captions for my Course Videos?

To locate your videos in the future, go to YouTube's homepage and click "My Channel" found on the left side.

Youtube navigation highligting the location of My Channel loccated under the Home tab on the left of the screen.

Here you will find all the videos currently available on your channel. Go to the "Video Manager" to find all your videos, including the private or unlisted videos.

Youtube My Channel page highligting Vide Manager tab thats in the upper right of the screen.

Inside your video manager you can edit the information and settings on a video,  add audio, visual enhancements, or captions and annotations.

Video Editor page highlgting the options for editing individual videos.

For help editing videos on YouTube, head here: How do I edit a video in YouTube?

The YouTube video editor is able to get the job done, but for a better video editing tool use Camtasia. For more information, head here: How do I edit video and audio in Camtasia?