How do I edit a video in YouTube?

You will learn how to edit your videos inside YouTube's video editor.

While the YouTube video editor can get the job done, it is recommended you edit your videos inside Camtasia. For help with Camtasia, head here: How do I edit video and audio in Camtasia?

Go to your Video Manager

1. Click Edit on the video you want to edit. The drop-down will show several options for editing your video. This tutorial will go over Info and Setting, Enhancements, Audio, End Screen & Annotations, Cards, Subtitles/CC

Info & Settings

You can change the information some settings, such as the video title, description, or video privacy for your video on this tab.


In the Enhancements tab, you can apply several visual changes to your video, such as color changes, slow motion, stabilizing a shaky cam, or adding filters and blurring effects.


YouTube has thousands of free songs to add to your video. Click one on the side to add it to your video. Once added, the track will appear below the video, allowing you to position the song in the video, as well as changing it's audio level to favor the song, the original video, or an equal balance of the two.

End Screen & Annotations

You can add an end screen link or video to give students more resources to explore after watching your video.


For a more in depth guide on captioning in YouTube, head here: How do I add captions to my YouTube video?

To add Subtitles to your video, type your transcript into the text box and click Set timings when done. It should automatically line up the text with the audio in the video. To view subtitles inside the video, click the CC button.