How to view and share badges from Badgr?

This tutorial will show you how to view and share badges from the Badgr website.

There are several sharing options available in Badgr. 

Badgr Support has provided this guide about sharing your badges in Canvas.

You can share your badges from the Badgr application via social media, link sharing or an embed code.

1. Login to Badgr

  1. Type into your web browser address bar and hit Enter.
  2. Click Login

2. You can view all your badges from your Badgr account.

Click a Badge to view its criteria and who awarded the badge.

3. Click Share associated with the badge you want to share.

Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the badge criteria.

5. Click the badge you want to share

6. Take a screenshot of this view to share with your instructor.

Windows users: Press Ctrl + PrtScn

Mac users: Press Command + Shift + 4

Article Summary

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