How do I create a Badgr account?

This guide will show you how to create an account in Badgr. 

Note: You do not need to create a Badgr account to use Badgr in Canvas.  You may wish to create a Badgr account to manage your badges, share your badges, create badges and more!

1. Go to

Type in your web browser address bar and hit Enter.

Badgr URL address

2. Select Sign Up

Click the Sign Up button.

Sign up button

3. Create a new account

Sign up using your HSU email associated with your Canvas account. This allows Badgr to automatically be associated with your Canvas account.

  1. Input your HSU email
  2. After filling out all fields, click Create Account.
Create new account form

4. Verify your email address

Login to your HSU email, open the email from Badgr, and click Confirm Now.

If this email is not in your inbox, check your Spam folder.

Confirm account button image

Article Summary

You have now created your Badgr account.

Badgr personal account webpage