How do I create a badge?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and add badges to each Module via the Badgr External Tool.

Need to add Badgr to your Canvas course? Please see these ScreenSteps: How do I add Badgr to Modules? and How do I add Badgr to Course Navigation Menu?

Badgr External Tool in Modules

2. Authorize Badgr

Authorize Badgr in Canvas

3. Click Add Issuer

If you are new to Badgr, this window will be displayed. If you have already created a Badgr account, please go to Step 6.

Issuer creates an association between your badges to an institution, instructor, or individual course. You can have a different Issuer per set of badges you create for different courses or institutions, etc.

Click Add Issuer

4. Fill out all fields in Issuer

  1. Give your Issuer a name (this can be a course name for example)
  2. Describe the Issuer
  3. Type a website URL with https://
  4. Type your HSU email address
  5. Click New Issuer
Create New Issuer

5. Click on the Issuer you just created

New Issuer in Badgr

6. Select or create a new badge

Click the triangle associated with the module you want to have a badge

Add new badge in Badgr

7. Click Create New Badge

Create new badge

8. Upload an image (.PNG) or create a new image in Badge Studio

  1. Upload a badge image (must be square and .PNG format)
  2. Create a new badge in Badgr, click Use Badge Studio
Use Badge Studio to create badge

This tutorial will follow Use Badge Studio.

9. Create your badge

You can edit the background via shapes [1], choose and icon via graphics [2], and choose the color of each [3]. Click Save when finished [4].

Create badge in Badge Studio

10. Edit badge information

  1. Name the badge
  2. Edit badge description
  3. Fill out criteria for the badge, like "Complete Module"
  4. Click Create
Edit Badge information

Article Summary

You have successfully created a badge in Badgr.

In order for students to earn the badge, you must add requirements to the module. You can learn how to add requirements by following this tutorial.