How do I share my badge from a Canvas course?

You may need to provide evidence to an instructor that you have completed a course in Canvas. This guide will describe the easiest way to share the Badge you earned with an instructor.

Once the badge requirements are complete the Badge will be available for download.

1. Earn a Badge

Complete the requirements in the course to earn the Badge.

Canvas completed Module items

2. Open Badges

Click the Badges button in the Course Navigation to open the Badgr page

Canvas course Badges button (Badgr)

3. Download the Badge URL

1. Hover over the Badge image and click View Details

2. On the pop-up window, Click Download to open the Badge in a new tab

Badgr - My Learning Path

Alternatively, you can share a screenshot of this Badge pop-up with your instructor.

Badgr - Badge popout window

4. Copy the URL

A new browser window will open with the Badge details.  Copy that URL to the clipboard.

Badgr badge URL

5. Share the URL with your instructor.

With the Badge URL and your HSU email address, they can validate your Badge.

Article Summary

You have now shared a Badge earned in one course with an instructor of another course.