How do I delete a badge?

This tutorial will show you how to delete badges from your Badgr account.

This tutorial assumes you already have a Badgr account and badges created. If you are new to using Badgr, please see How do I create a Badgr account? and How do I create a badge?

1. Login to

  1. Type into your web browser address bar and hit Enter.
  2. Click Login

2. Click Issuers

3. Click on the Issuer Account

4. Click on the badge you want to delete

For the purposes of this tutorial, Seed Badge will be deleted.

5. Click Delete Badge

  1. First, click Delete Badge
  2. Then confirm Delete Badge on the pop-up window.

Article Summary

You have successfully deleted a badge from your Badgr account. This change will be reflected in your Canvas account.