How do I add badges to Modules?

This tutorial will show you how to add a badge to each individual module. This tutorial will also show you how to configure modules to use badges, by adding requirements to the module.

1. Add requirements to the module.

Requirements must be applied to the module in order for students to be awarded the badge associated with that module.

1. Click the settings button associated with the module

2. Click Edit

3. Click + Add requirement

4. Edit the requirements for the module

Select the specific requirement for the module [1] , [2]. Then, click Update Module [3] when finished.

2. Select the Badgr External Tool from your Canvas Course

This will open your Badgr account within Canvas.

The Badgr External Tool is located within your Modules or your Course Navigation menu.

3. Select the badge you want associated with each module.

Click the triangle button associated with the module title.

4. Select a badge.

  1. Select a badge you already created
  2. Or, create a new badge.

Article Summary

Congratulations, you have successfully added a badge to a module and added requirements to the module.

Need more assistance? Please view this Badgr tutorial: How do I automatically award badges in a Canvas course?