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How do I edit video and audio in Camtasia?

You will learn how to edit your video and audio inside Camtasia.

It is highly reccommended that you watch Camtasia's own video tutorials, found here: Camtasia Video Tutorials. Their 5 basic tutorial videos are about 20 minutes long, and  provide easy to follow and thorough tutorials for learning the essentials to Camtasia.

1. How to edit video.

If you make any mistakes along the way, you can always press the undo key, Control+Z, or you can click the Edit tab up top and click Undo

1.   After you've recorded some video, it will appear in your Media Bin in Camtasia. Dragging it onto the timeline will place it into the video and allow you to make edits.

2.   Placing the mouse on the side of the selected video track will change it to an arrow. Dragging it left or right will shorten or lengthen the track, allowing you to trim off unnecessary parts to the video. If you trimmed off too much, just drag it back and it'll restore the trimmed part.

3.   To split the video track, select it in the timeline and press S or go to the Edit tab up top and select Split.  Splitting video cuts it into two sections, allowing you to make separate edits on specific parts of your video.

4.   You can trim out the middle of the track by dragging the green or red sliders along the play head, and clicking the Cut scissors.

5.   To view your whole timeline or to bring all your timeline into view, drag the slider or click the magnifying glass.

2. Editing audio

To watch Camtasia's video tutorial for editing audio, head here: Camtasia Audio Editing Tutorial.

1.   Splitting and Trimming audio works the same as video, by pressing S or by dragging the sides of it to shorten or lengthen it.

Be careful not to put the audio levels too high, as it can blow out the audio and make it sound distorted.

2.   You can change the volume of the whole track by selecting it and moving the green line up or down.

3.   You can also change the audio gain by moving the slider in the top right while the audio track is selected.

4.   You can add audio points by double clicking along the green line or by right clicking and selecting Add Audio Point. Audio points are green dots that allow you to change the volume of a certain section rather than the whole track. You can drag audio points along the selection to get them to your desired position and volume gain.

5.   To import a song or audio file, click the File tab at the top and select Import and Media. This opens a window where you can select your audio files to be imported in. Your imported media will be placed within the Media Bin, where you can drag it onto the time line as it's own track.

6.    The Library tab contains some simple music tracks that can be used within the video. Select one and drag it onto the timeline to place it in your video.

For help adding effects such as a Fade In or Fade Out to your audio, head here: How do I apply effects in Camtasia?

7.   If the music track you added in is too loud over your voice, you can add a fade in and fade out with audio points or by dragging a Fade In/Out Audio Effect onto the audio track.

By lowering the audio with audio points at the beginning, it quiets the whole track which allows your voice to be heard easier. You can raise the volumes back up or fade it out at the end by lowering it down to zero.