How do I apply effects in Camtasia?

You will learn how to apply different effects to your video in Camtasia.

It is highly reccommended that you watch Camtasia's own video tutorial series, found here: Camtasia Animation and Effects Video Tutorial.

Camtasia has a variety of effects you can use to help enhance your video and make it more entertaining. They are located on the left side under the Record button. To add most effects, drag and drop them onto your timeline or directly into the video.

Tools sidebar menu
Video Effects

Drag and drop the desired annotation onto your timeline to apply it. Double click it on the video to edit it and enter text.  You can also change the properties of the annotation, such as text size or color, on the right side.

Some other useful annotations include Blur, Highlight, and Spotlight.

Annotation tools
Transition tools

To apply a transition, drag and drop it onto an acceptable place on the video timeline. You'll notice that parts of the timeline will light up yellow at their beginning and end, which indicates where you may place a transition. If you have two split selections placed together, placing a transition over it will apply it to both of them.

Transitions on the timeline
Behaviors and Animations

Behaviors and Animations allow you to add movement into your video in several different ways.

Behavior tools

Drag and drop a behavior onto a video clip in your timeline to apply it to the section. This is indicated by a green arrow, which turns yellow when selected. You can change the length of the behavior to have it play out over a different length of time by dragging the dot at the tip.

Show or hide the effct

You can change the properties of the behavior effect on the right side, allowing you to change directions, speed, and movement.

Change the effects settings

Animations are similar to Behaviors, but focus more on zooming in and out on specific points.  Use the Zoom-n-Pan to zoom in and move around on certain points of your video.

Zoom feature

1.   Resize the window outline to focus in on points and create a Zoom effect, or drag the Zoom slider to zoom in or out.

Shorten or lengthen the zoom

2.   Creating a zoom will place it onto your timeline as an arrow. You can shorten or lengthen the duration of the zoom by resizing the arrow.

Restore animation

3.   By placing the Restore animation after your zoom, you can have your video Zoom in on a point of focus before going back to it's original size.

Cursor Effects

Cursor Effects can change how your cursor acts when during the video. Drag and drop the cursor effect you want onto the desired video clip in your timeline. You can change the settings of a cursor effect on the right side.

Cursor effect tools

1.   Cursor Highlight: Gives a circular highlight around your cursor.

2.   Cursor Magnify: Magnifies and section that your cursor hovers over.

3.   Cursor Spotlight: Blurs out any section that isn't being hovered over by your cursor.

4.   Left Click & Right Click effects: The Left Click tab and Right Click tab have effects that get displayed whenever you clicked in the recording.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects can alter how the video looks in several different ways, such as adding or removing certain colors, or changing the speed of the clip. Drag a Visual Effect onto a clip in your timeline to apply it, and change the properties of it on the right side.

For help with removing a color for a greenscreen, head here: How do I use a Green Screen with Camtasia?

Visual effect tools

To add a caption to your video, click the + Add Caption button.  This will place a 4 second Blank Caption in your video where you can enter in your text.

Caption tools

1.  Click these captions to edit their text.

2.  Change the text settings by clicking the drop down arrow.

3. Change the duration of a caption by dragging the slider.

4. Quickly jump between captions by using the arrows.

Audio Effects
Voice Narration

You can record audio straight from Camtasia to place into your video using Voice Narration. Camtasia will start recording where your playhead is located, and will automatically play the video while you are recording over it.

Voice narration tools

1. Select which Mic you want to use and make sure it works.

2. Adjust the Mic sensitivity or use Auto Leveling if needed.

3. Muting your timeline will prevent it playing back sound while you are recording.

4. You can type or paste a script into the text box to help with reading.

5. When ready, press Start Voice Recording.

6. Once finished, click Stop and save the file to your computer.

Audio Effects

Audio Effects can be dragged and placed onto tracks in your timeline to change the audio in several ways.

Audio effects tools

1. Noise Removal will attempt to remove any background noise that was recorded, allowing you to remove background chatter or low humming.

2. Volume Leveling will attempt to increase and even out your audio levels, providing a much more consistent volume throughout.

3. Fade In and Fade Out lower volume levels at the beginning or end of the audio.

4. Clip Speed allows you to speed up or slow down the audio in the clip.