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How do I add media such as a PowerPoint Slide or Facecam to Camtasia?

You will learn how to add assorted media types to use inside Camtasia.

1. Drag and Drop

You are able to drag any media file you wish to use into the Media Bin to use it in your video.

Media bin drag and drop area

2. Importing Media

By clicking the Import Media button another window will pop up showing your documents and files. Select one and open it to import it to Camtasia.

You can also click the + button towards the bottom of the Media Bin to Import Media as well as Importing directly from your Google Drive ( You'll need to login to Google)

Media bin import

Other Types of Media


To use a slide from a PowerPoint or Google Slides in Camtasia, you will have to download it as a picture file.

In Google Slides, this can be done by going to File-> Download as -> JPEG image or PNG image.

Download as JPEG or PNG

This can also be done in PowerPoint by going to File -> Save as -> and selecting JPEG or PNG from the drop down menu.

Select the file type
Webcam only

 After recording with the camera, two tracks should be placed onto your timeline. By selecting the (Camera) track, you can edit the size and position of the Webcam recording on the Camtasia canvas.

Timeline track
Media from your phone

There are several ways to import Media from your phone, but the easiest way is to email yourself the file from your phone. You would then be able to download the file from your email on the computer, allowing you to import it into Camtasia.