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How do I record a PowerPoint presentation in Camtasia?

You will learn several ways how to record a PowerPoint presentation.

1. Recording a presentation

For help with recording a video in Camtasia, head here: How do I record a video in Camtasia?

You can record your screen in Camtasia normally while doing a presentation on PowerPoint or Google Slides. After clicking the rec button, start your presentation and go through it at your own pace.  When finished, stop the recording and your recorded presentation will be placed into the Camtasia timeline.

Check if the camera is turned on

If you want to use the webcam and green screen while recording, simply make sure the Camera is turned on and record normally. Afterwards, you will need to reposition the camera recording and remove the green screen. For additional help removing the green screen in a video, head here: Using a Green Screen with Camtasia

2. PowerPoint Camtasia Add In

The notes you use at the bottom in your PowerPoint can be transferred over as captions in Camtasia, allowing for an easy captioning.

When starting a new PowerPoint, Camtasia should automatically be recognized as an Add-In, allowing you to easily record your presentations.  

The buttons on the left allow you to turn on/off the Microphone, Camera, see a camera preview, or change the recording options. Click Record to begin.

Once you reach the end of the slideshow, you'll be prompted to continue or end the recording. Click end and save your video.

PowerPoint recording add ins
Recording panel

3. Downloading slides

This option is a bit more unconventional, but can give a much more precise video presentation as you have full control over the duration slides. 

1. Download the individual slides by going to (Google Slides) File ->Download As -> JPEG Image.

Download as a JPEG

 (PowerPoint) File -> Save As -> JPEG File

Changing the file format

2. Once you've downloaded the slides as JPEG images, you can import them into Camtasia by dragging the file into the Media Bin or by clicking the Import Media button and selecting the slide file.

Voice narration tools

3.  Create a Voice Narration to add to your slides. Your narrations can be as long as you want, so you could record for a specific slide or for the whole presentation.  

Adjust slide lengths