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How do I add Outcomes or Rubrics to other courses? (workaround)

Outcomes can be transferred from one course to another as long as the faculty member is a teacher in each of the courses.

1. Add the teacher to the course with the outcome to the recipient course

Need assistance? Here is a tutorial on how to add a teacher to a Canvas Course.

2. Isolate the Outcome to Transfer

This is helpful if there is already other content and Outcomes in the donor course.

Follow these instructions for Isolating the Outcome to Transfer:

  1. Create a Development Course
  2. Copy the course content using the Select Specific Content”  - Only check the box for Learning Outcomes
  3. Delete the Outcomes that are not to be shared
Select Specific Content Image

3. Copy the Outcomes course to the recipient course

Need assistance? Use this tutorial.

4. Remove the donor teacher from the recipient course

Use this tutorial to remove the donor teacher.

5. Repeat step 3-4 as needed for the remaining courses

The imported outcomes will still need to be added to a Rubric.

The rubric can then be attached to an assignment.

The assignment can be graded with the Rubric in Speedgrader.

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