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How to migrate quiz content to the New Quiz tool

This tutorial will show you how to migrate your quiz content into an item bank or directly as a quiz for the New Quiz tool.

Option 2: Create an Export Package and Import as a Quiz

This option is similar to option 1, except that you will be migrating the quiz directly into a New Quiz and not into question banks. You can add questions to banks later from the quiz.

In the course menu click Settings.

In the course menu click the orange Settings button.

On the course settings page click Export Course Content in the right sidebar menu.

On the course settings page click Export Course Content in the right sidebar menu.

On the export screen:

  1.  Select Quiz in the Export Type
  2. Deselect the option next to All Quizzes. Find the quiz that you are wanting to create as a question bank in New Quizzes. Select only the desired quiz. 
  3. Click Export. Once the export is finished, the export package will be linked at the top page.  Note: You may need to refresh the page, for the latest export to populate.
  4. Click New Export to download the file
  5. Locate the file in your downloads folder. 
On the export screen select quiz as the export type, and then select whichever quizzes you wish to export.
Once it has completed exporting, click the "New Export" button to download the file.

All quizzes downloaded this way will be labeled as your course name instead of the quiz name. You may wish to edit the name of each quiz when saving to include the quiz name.

  1. Go to the Quiz index page, by clicking Quizzes on the Canvas course menu
  2. click +Quiz
  3. Select the new quiz engine option.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Name the quiz, complete the other assignment details and click Save. The new quiz interface will open.
Head to the Quizzes tab on the left side of your screen and click +quiz in the top right.
Select New Quizzes and hit submit.
Enter any relevant information and hit Save.
  1. On the quiz edit screen click the options menu (three vertical dots in the top right)
  2. Select Manage Item Banks.
Click the options menu in the top right and select Import Content.

In the box that appears click Browse and locate your quiz file in the file picker. After that, click Import and Done.

Select Browse.
Select the file you previously downloaded via Export and click open.
Click Import.
Click Done.

Congratulations, your new quiz is ready!

Option 3: Migration from Quiz Index Page

While this option is the easiest to complete, there are several disadvantages to using this option. 

  • If Quizzes in current quiz tool have questions organized in question groups, the questions will  not migrate at all. Use option 1 or 2. 
  • The migrated questions will only exist in the newly created quiz. Since the questions only exist in the quiz they cannot be reused or added as randomized group set to the quiz unless you add questions to an item bank. To add questions to an item bank, each question must be edited individually to manually add the question to an item bank. This is tedious process that can be avoided by using option 1 instead. 

In the course menu select Quizzes.

On the left hand side select Quizzes.

On the quiz index page click the options menu next to the quiz you wish to migrate. In the menu select Migrate Quiz. Please note if you do not see the Migrate Quiz option in the menu, you have not enabled the new quiz tool in course settings.

Select the quiz you wish to migrate.

In the course menu select Assignments.

Select assignments.

On the assignment index page scroll down to the bottom of the page. A new assignment group called Migrated Quizzes will display with the migrated quiz. Click the quiz title to view the new quiz tool screen OR click the options menu to edit quiz points or due dates.

Your new migrated quiz will appear in a group called "Migrated Quizzes."

Congratulations! Your quiz has successfully been migrated to the New Quiz system and ready to go.