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How do I sync course content in a blueprint course as an instructor?

How do I sync course content in a blueprint course as an instructor?

If you are enrolled in a blueprint course as an instructor, you can sync blueprint content changes to associated courses.

Content Sync

After a change is made to an object or attribute, the blueprint course sidebar displays a sync option indicating that unsynced changes have been made in the course. Content can be synced at any time.

All course content will be included in a blueprint sync, regardless of whether content is locked. Changed content will always overwrite the existing content in the associated courses for all locked objects. Content that can be managed by an instructor or new content created in an associated course by the instructor is not affected.

Notifications within associated courses can only be sent if the notification trigger has not yet occurred. Features such as announcements in a blueprint course may need to be created as a delayed post so the announcement displays in the associated course after syncing course content.

Content State

The sync will include the state of each object as it exists in the blueprint course. For instance, if an assignment is unpublished in the blueprint course, it will also be unpublished in the associated course. However, once the state is changed in the associated course, the state within the blueprint course will no longer apply.

Modules Exceptions

If a blueprint course includes Modules, changes to the modules structure are triggered as part of a course sync. Modules cannot be locked, but course state applies to all individual module items.

The following sync exceptions apply for Modules content:

  • Associated courses match the modules structure initially created in the blueprint course. Any additional modules and their content added to the blueprint course and synced to associated courses will always be added to the bottom of the Modules page in the associated courses.
  • If modules or module items are rearranged in an associated course, the module order will be updated to match the blueprint course structure in the next sync. If a module item in an associated course is moved to another module, the module item will exist in both modules.
  • Modules created from a blueprint course and deleted from an associated course will not be restored in additional course syncs.
  • New module items added to a module in an associated course will remain in the module but will be reordered above all blueprint synced module items.


  • Changes within Course Settings do not trigger unsynced changes. The course only recognizes unsynced changes when a change is made to course content.
  • Associated courses display the latest blueprint sync information in Course Settings.
  • Blueprint courses do not sync certain course settings to associated courses, including timezone, term, and course format.

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