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How do I export grades in the Gradebook?

How do I export grades in the Gradebook?

You can export scores from the Gradebook and download them to your computer as a CSV file.

Notes about CSV files:

  • Some columns that appear in the CSV file are read-only columns calculated by rules or percentages set in Canvas. Any changes made to these columns will be ignored when you re-upload the file to your course.
  • When a grading period filter is applied in the Gradebook, the export displays the filtered grading period results. However, assignment group total columns will display across all grading periods.
  • For assignment group columns, changes made to assignment scores will automatically be included in the assignment group calculation in the Gradebook.
  • The Total Score displayed in the Gradebook reflects each student's score at the time of viewing, taking into account whether the instructor has hidden assignment scores, assignment due dates, etc. The CSV download includes read-only columns for current and final scores. Current score reflects the total while ignoring unsubmitted assignments, and the final score counts unsubmitted assignments as zero. Assignments with hidden scores are unposted grades and shown in separate columns for unposted current score and unposted final score, respectively.
  • If a student has submitted an assignment multiple times, the CSV file only accounts for the most recent submission.
  • Concluded and inactive enrollments are not included in the CSV file unless their respective option, Show Concluded Enrollments or Show Inactive Enrollments, is enabled in the Gradebook Settings menu.
  • Complete/incomplete assignments are shown as full or no credit (e.g. for a 10-point assignment, 10 or 0).
  • If you have the Final Grade Override option enabled in your course, the Gradebook export will include the override grade. However, overriden grades cannot be changed through a Gradebook import.
  • Gradebook export files automatically save to your user files in an Unfiled folder.
  • If you have set manual grade posting policies for specific assignments, those assignments will display the posting policy in the CSV file. However, the grade posting policy cannot be modified via the CSV file.

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