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How do I create a Table of Contents using Pages in Canvas?

Learn how to create a Table of Contents in Canvas by using Pages.


This tutorial will show how to create a table of contents within the Syllabus feature in Canvas, but you can use this method for any  Canvas Page that holds a lot of content.

Creating a table of content using Pages can help break up a long page of text and make it easier to navigate.

Resources You May Need

You will need to know how to: 

  • create and edit a Syllabus
  • create and edit Pages 
  • link pages across Canvas course 
  • create tables using the rich content editor  

The following sub-sections will help you with these tasks.  You may skip to the next section if you are ready to create the Table of Contents.  

Steps to Creating a Table of Contents in a Syllabus

Step 1: Adding Syllabus

Add (or copy and paste) your Syllabus into the Syllabus Page.

Go to Syllabus, then Edit to paste or create your syllabus in the Rich Content Editor. 

If you need help adding your syllabus check out this Canvas tutorial : Creating or uploading your syllabus into Canvas.

Step 2: List your Headers

Take note of each header and section within your syllabus.

Type each header out either at the top of your syllabus or in a table.

If you need help creating a table, refer to the Canvas Guide:  How do I insert a table using the Rich Content Editor?

Step 3: Create Corresponding Pages

Create a new Page for each header and section of your syllabus, copy and paste the appropriate information onto each Page.

Step 4: Linking Corresponding Pages to Syllabus

Go back to your Syllabus and open the editor. 

As you can see in the image bellow, your syllabus editor will show the pages you've created in the right hand side. Select the header in the table of contents then select the corresponding page to create the link.

If you need help linking Pages to text, check out this Canvas tutorial: How do I link to other Canvas pages in a course?