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How do I create custom Buttons Using Canva?

Canva is a free image editing website where you can customize different sized templates, upload your own images, and add text.  Here is the link to Canva: https://www.canva.com/

This tutorial will show you how to edit your Canva button(s) for your course.


Creating a Canva account is simple and easy, and creating the dimensions is as simple as a click with Canva's templates.

Create your account using either your email, facebook or with you Google account.

After you create your account, you will see the header bar that showcases different options for dimensions and social media. You can create custom dimensions. You can also select more to see even more design templates.

To create buttons on a home page that lay like a grid, the best option will be to use the Social Media template. But you can use any of these templates to create banners, and other buttons for your course. Choose the dimension that works best for you and your course.

Once you select the template, or create your own dimensions, you will be taken to the editor page where you can use a preexisting layout, or create your own from scratch.

The default screen that pops up is where you can create your design from scratch.

Edit Design

You can uplaod your own images, or choose a prexsiting layout, and create your own by adding different elements. There are tones of free elements and layouts you can choose from, and some you can even buy.

Upload your image in the left hand navigation bar. Once you upload your image, select it, or drag and drop it into the button editor and you can then resize and adjust the location and orientation of the image.

To edit a pre-existing layout, select the desired layout, and drag and drop your prefered image into the layout. Edit the text just like you would when creating your own design.

Adding Text

You can add text to you button by choosing any of the preexisting text formats, or you can use the default text style and edit the text size and font style.

The text editor is located in the left hand navigation bar and includes different text options. When you select your text, it will pop up in the editor screen. Select the text to bring up the text editor.

You can edit the font color, style, bold, italic, etc...

After you select and edit your text, you can select and drag the text where ever you need it to be.

Adding Elements

You can also add elements, shapes, illustrations, and more. Play around with each element to design your custom button.

To edit the color of the shape, select the shape in your editor, then in the upper left corner, select the square, then choose your color.

You can add more colors by selecting the plus sigh. It'll open a drag color wheel, and you can also edit using HTML color codes. You can find these codes online. This website helps pick HTML color codes as well as provides complimentary color pallets. 

You can also group elements together by selecting each one. This allows you to move them as one unit and edit them together. Canva has a great tutorial that can demonstrate this in more detail. 

First Select the first element, then select and hold Shift, to select the other elements, or drag your mouse over the elements you want selected.

Then, in the editor bar in the upper right, select group, and your elements will be grouped together.

Group will only show up in the editor bar after you select multiple elements.

Making Multiple Buttons

When making multiple buttons for the same course, it would be prefered to maintain consitancy with the elements in your button.

In your editor, on the right side of the image is a duplicate button. Select this and bellow a copy of your design will show up.

Scroll to the duplicated button, upload the image you would like, delete the previous one, and drag and drop the new image into the design and adjust the text.

You may have to reorder the image after you insert it by using the Arrange tool as discussed in the Navigation section above.

Conclusion and Download

Once you are satisfied with your design, select download in the uper right corner above the editor and save it as a PNG. The download dialogue box will pop forward after you select it.

You have the option to change the file type, but for Canvas buttons, save it as a PNG. You also have the option to download all the pages (your buttons), or by specific page numbers. After you set these, select the download buttong at the bottom of this pop up window.

Find the location of page numbers is mentioned above in Navigation.

Downloading all buttons or multiple will download them all as a ZIP file, so it's important to make sure you have the ability to open up ZIP files.