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How Do I Export and Import Course Material?

You will learn how to copy content from Moodle to Canvas.  

You will learn how to copy content from Canvas to Canvas.

This guide is for instructors.

You will need an empty course in Canvas before you begin.  You may use an existing course from any future term or request a new development shell by following this link here.

How do I export my course from Moodle?

These are the steps to backup a course in Moodle.  If you experience any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact Academic Technology at 707-826-4461 or [email protected]

Navigate to your course in Moodle.

Click Backup from the Administration block.

Click Jump to final step to perform a standard backup of content only.

Backup will take several seconds to process, click Continue if backup was successful.

From the Restore course page, click Download to move a copy of the course to your local Downloads folder

Note the file name, you will need to find this file when you perform the import into Canvas, it should look similar to this: backup-moodle2-course-3137-jmc_309_(2164)-20160719-0857-nu.mbz

Note that the course short name from Moodle is embedded within the filename

How do I import from Moodle to Canvas?

You can import content from multiple Moodle courses into a single Canvas by repeating these steps.

Canvas has a detailed tutorial on how to import your Moodle course file into Canvas. Click here for Canvas Guide on Moodle Import.

How to copy my Canvas course to another Canvas course?

When moving course content from your Canvas development course to your active course (e.g., Fall), use one the following methods:

Method 1: Copy a Canvas Course

Canvas has a detailed tutorial on how to transfer Canvas course to Canvas course here.  This is the easiest, most common method.

Method 2: Create an Export file and import it into Canvas

You may need to use this two-step method if your old course a was located in the pilot instance of Canvas at HSU or any other Canvas server.   The HSU Canvas pilot instance is located at https://humboldt.instructure.com/ 

  1. Go to your Canvas course with the materials you'd like to backup then follow this Canvas Guide on Exporting a Canvas Course.
  2. Go to your new Canvas shell, then follow this Canvas Guide on Importing a Canvas Course.