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How do I assign an assignment to a course group?

How do I assign an assignment to a course group?

You can create a group assignment by using the Group Assignment checkbox. Canvas uses group sets to assign group assignments, and each group within the group set that is assigned to the assignment is required to complete the assignment. When creating or editing a group assignment, you can assign an assignment to specific groups. You can also set different due dates and availability dates for a group within an assignment that is assigned to the rest of the class.

You will need to assign a group set as part of the assignment. You can add an existing group set, or you can create a new group set as part of the assignment and add students to groups later. However, if you create a group set with self sign-up or manual group assignments, you will not be able to use the group set until users have been added to the subgroups.

When differentiating groups in assignments, students can only view the assignment if they are a member of an assigned group. Otherwise the assignment does not appear in the student's assignments page. Grades cannot be assigned for students who have not been included in the assignment, and assignments that are not assigned to a student are not factored into overall grades. 

When Multiple Grading Periods are enabled in a course, assignments are also respected against closed grading periods.


  • In group assignments, one submission will count for the entire group. Learn more about evaluating group work.
  • Group assignments cannot be used with External Tool assignments.