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How do I treat ungraded assignments as zero in the Gradebook?

How do I treat ungraded assignments as zero in the Gradebook?

As an instructor, you can view student grades as if all ungraded assignments are worth zero points in the Gradebook. This feature called Treat Ungraded as 0 is located in the Gradebook Settings and is only a visual change that does not actually affect any grades—it only helps you see the change in Gradebook calculations if ungraded assignments were given scores of zero. Enabling this option has no effect outside of the Gradebook; students cannot see any difference in their grade pages. Similarly, TAs or other instructors in the course will not see any change in their view of the Gradebook. Only the user who enables this option will see the affected grades.  

When the Treat Ungraded as 0 setting is enabled, assignments that do not have a grade will be treated as if a student received a score of zero. You can disable this setting in the Gradebook at any time. Even when this setting is enabled, Canvas will not populate zeros in the Gradebook. Dashes will still display for each student submission.


  • When multiple grading periods are enabled in a course, the All Grading Periods filter only displays Treat Ungraded as 0 in Gradebook Settings if the Display Totals for All Grading Periods feature option is enabled. Learn how to manage feature options in the course features lesson.
  • This feature affects the configuration of the Total Column in the Gradebook, which also applies to CSV Exports. The CSV file displays columns for the Current and Final scores: the Current score reflects the total while ignoring unsubmitted assignments (option disabled), and the Final score counts unsubmitted assignments as zero (option enabled). Learn more about downloading scores from the Gradebook.