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How do I add conditional content to a MasteryPath module item?

How do I add conditional content to a MasteryPath module item?

MasteryPath assignments release conditional content to students based on a set of rules in three scoring ranges. After the initial assignment has been graded by the instructor, the student’s score designates which conditional items(s) will be assigned as a learning path. For instance, a student who scores above 90% on an assignment could be assigned more advanced work, while a student who scores below 60% could view assignments designed for content clarification and improvement. Please note that resubmitted assignments may affect conditional paths, as updated grades may change the associated assignments released to the student.

Any graded assignments, graded discussions, and quizzes in a module can be the source for a MasteryPaths item. However, ungraded assignments, ungraded discussions, practice quizzes, and surveys (both graded and ungraded) cannot be used in MasteryPaths.

MasteryPaths items should be created from assignment assigned to everyone, such as a pre-test or an introductory assignment.

Once you have added conditional content to a MasteryPath assignment, you must differentiate each conditional assignment for MasteryPaths.


  • Because content pages do not require grading, content pages cannot be the source of a MasteryPath and can only be added to an assignment as conditional content. However, a page must be allowed for MasteryPaths before it can be added to a conditional path.
  • If conditional items are added to a path and later changed (such as separating conditional items in the same range or adding another item), the change will not apply to any students who have already been graded based on the original conditional path. Conditional items should be final when course content is published.
  • As conditional items are relased to students, individual due dates for items are not applied. To add a due date to conditional items, wait until all students have completed the intial assignment and then add a due date to the conditional item.
  • Conditional content items can be set up with their own conditional items.
  • All module items should be published before the course is available to students. If an unpublished item is added as a conditional content item, the student will not be able to view the content until the item is published. Any publishing delays may have unintended consequences for the student's conditional path.

 Note: MasteryPaths is currently a course opt-in feature. To enable this feature, learn how to manage feature options in the course features lesson.