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How do I conclude an enrollment in a course?

How do I conclude an enrollment in a course?

If a course is defined by term, course, or section dates, all enrollments are automatically concluded as defined by the term, course, or section end date. A course can also be manually concluded at any time, which affects all enrollments.

However, as an instructor you may need to conclude an individual enrollment before the end date.Concluding an enrollment allows the user to view a course in read-only mode. This means the user will be able to access the course but not be able to submit assignments, participate in discussions, or send/receive conversation messages in the course. The user's analytics will still be available. Once a course is concluded, if you do not want students to view prior course content, you can restrict students from viewing prior courses.

You can also restore an enrollment if necessary.

To see course participation for a concluded enrollment as compared to other enrollment types, view the Canvas Enrollment Status Comparison PDF.

Note: Enrollments may be added by your institution's student information system (SIS). If an enrollment includes an SIS ID, you cannot conclude an enrollment from the course. Additionally, concluding enrollments is a course permission. If you cannot conclude enrollments in your course, your institution has restricted this feature.