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How do I hide student names in SpeedGrader?

How do I hide student names in SpeedGrader?

If you want to grade assignments without viewing student submission details, you can hide student names in SpeedGrader for anonymous grading. This option can be enabled on a per-user basis. When a grader accesses a SpeedGrader link, the first student displayed in the student list is always randomly generated for every assignment.

When student names are hidden, all student submission details are hidden in the SpeedGrader submission sidebar. However, student IDs will still display in the SpeedGrader URL and can only be anonymized by enabling anonymous grading. Additionally, student grade visibility is not automatically affected; if you want to hide assignment grades, the grades may need to be hidden manually.

Anonymous Grading

This feature does not require the Anonymous Grading feature option to be enabled. However, assignments that have enabled Anonymous Grading display the following SpeedGrader options:

  • If the checkbox to hide student names is not visible in SpeedGrader settings, anonymous grading has been enabled for the assignment.
  • Grades of anonymous grading assignments are automatically hidden. Anonymity can be removed from each submission by editing the assignment and changing the anonymous options to allow graders to view student names. Submission details can only be viewed when assignment grades have been posted.
  • Posting grades for an anonymous assignment will remove anonymity from the assignment.

Note: Hiding names in SpeedGrader does not affect names in the Gradebook.