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How do I review moderated assignments in SpeedGrader?

How do I review moderated assignments in SpeedGrader?

Once a reviewer grades a moderated assignment, the grade appears in the Moderate page as a provisional grade in the appropriate reviewer column. An assignment supports up to two provisional grades from reviewers. If you want to moderate assignments anonymously, you can enable anonymous grading.

If you have moderator permissions, you can review assignments that have been reviewed in SpeedGrader. If an assignment includes a rubric, moderators can also view the rubric criterion and any feedback that have been used to grade a submission.

As the moderator, you control the final grade for the assignment. After reviewing the provisional grade(s), you can choose to copy a reviewer's assessment as the final grade or create a new assessment. Then you can publish the final grades to the Gradebook.

Courses with Multiple Moderators

An assignment supports only one moderator grade, which can be edited or overwritten by any user with the moderate grades permission. However, sometimes a course may contain more than one user with permission to moderate grades (e.g. more than one instructor). If more than one moderator exists in a course, you may want to discuss a policy for your course as to which of you will control official grade posting for the assignment.

Note: Students can only view comments in the submission that is selected for the final grade; they cannot view comments from any other provisional grade reviews. If you want to include any comments from additional reviewers, you will have to copy the comments manually into the submission selected for the final grade. If a reviewer uses Canvas DocViewer annotations, students can only view the annotations in the assessment that was selected or copied as the final grade. In copied reviews, students can view the original reviewer's annotations as well as any annotations added by the moderator.