Canvas Quick Guide - Resources

A list of Canvas Guides and Resources located outside of AT Guides. 

Moodle to Canvas Content Conversion Guide - see how Moodle tools translate into Canvas

Canvas Technical Requirements Guide - view the hardware and software specifications required to use Canvas

Quick Guide on Setting up GradeBook - learn how the Canvas GradeBook works by creating assignments

Creating a Canvas Home Page - get started with Canvas by creating a course Home Page    OR

Canvas Quick Guide - Front Page Template Editing - start with one of our HSU Front Page Templates

Designing Your Canvas Course with Modules and Pages - learn about the differences between Modules and Pages

External Apps (LTIs) in Canvas - view a list of installed LTIs and support information or request a new LTI be added to Canvas

Canvas Community - find answers, share ideas, join groups

HSU QLT (Quality Learning & Teaching) Best Practices Guide - a comprehensive guide focused on designing an optimal learning experience for students

HSU Canvas Faculty Guide - self-enroll in the Canvas course to get acquainted with all the Canvas features

HSU Media - Faculty Resources - see what services are offered by HSU Media Services

ATI Professional Development - take a look at the CSU webpage for Professional Development for Accessible Technology