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How do I set up a Google Docs Cloud Assignment in Canvas?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a Google Docs Cloud assignment. This will allow you to embed a Google Document that students will be able to modify and submit a copy of through Canvas.

1. Create an assignment

If you need additional help creating a Canvas assignment, it can be found here.

2. Set the Submission Type

In the assignment options, under Submission Type select External Tool.

Select the drop down in Submission Type.
Select external tool.

1) Select the drop down in the Submission Type options.

2) Select External Tool for the drop down.

3. Find Google Docs Cloud Assignment

In the External Tool Options, click Find and then locate Google Docs Cloud Assignment.

Select find.
Look for Google Docs Cloud assignment.

4. Find the document to embed

In the Google Docs file browser, locate and select the document you would like students to modify and click submit.

Locate the file and hit submit.

5. Finish the configuration

Click Select on the Canvas External Tool configuration screen to finish the embedding process.

Hit the select button.

6. Review

Review/Finish your assignment options and Save or Save & Publish your assignment.

Hit save or save and publish.
Instructor view of Google Docs Cloud assignment

The highlighted (yellow) portion is the assignment description.

The contents of the red box are automatically displayed when using the Google Docs Cloud Assignment external tool.

Student view of Google Docs Cloud assignment

The student view will be the same other than the automatically displayed content explaining the embedded document and the presence of the Submit button.

Students who have not authorized Google Docs in Canvas

If students receive the following message, they will just have to click Authorize on the bottom of the page.