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Canvas Quick Guide - Moodle to Canvas Content Conversion

This guide will cover the Canvas equivalent (where available) to the Moodle content you are familiar with.


Moodle Content Canvas Equivalent Help Resources
Announcements Announcements Guides
Assignments Assignments Guides
Books No equivalent None
Calendar Calendar Guides
Files Files Guides
Forums Discussions Guides
Media - docs, images Files Guides
Glossary No equivalent None
Grades Grade Book Guides
Groups Groups Guides
Labels Text Headers, Module Pages Guide
Lessons No equivalent (Use Modules) Guides
Workshops No equivalent (Use Collaborations) Guides
Question Banks Question Banks Guides
SCORM Packages SCORM Packages Guides
Quizzes/Surveys Quizzes/Surveys Guides
Syllabus Syllabus Menu Item Guides
Web Links External URL, embed Guides
Wikis Pages Guides
Rubrics Rubrics Guides
Outcomes (not enabled) Outcomes Guides

Quiz Questions

A couple of challenges you may run into:

  • Some question types available in Moodle are not available in Canvas and will not import with the question bank.
  • Very long question text will not import properly.
  • Questions rendered by the Moodle equation editor may not import properly.
  • Quizzes that have an overall value set will have the point totals changed. For example, if you have a Moodle quiz set to 20 points regardless of the total number of questions, Canvas does not like that. It will set the default value as 1 point per question.
Moodle Quizzes Canvas Quizzes
Calculated Formula
Calculated Multichoice None
Calculated Simple Formula Simple
Drag and Drop (all types) None (Alternative: Fill in Multiple Blanks)
Embedded Answers None (Alternative: Multiple Dropdown)
Essay Essay
Matching Matching
Multiple Choice Multiple Choice
Numerical Numerical
Random Short Answer None (Alternative: Matching)
Select Missing Word None (Alternative: Fill in Multiple Blanks)
Short Answer Essay
True/False True/False
Description (label) Text (No question)