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Canvas Quick Guide - Editing the Front Page Templates

In this tutorial you will learn how to customize the HSU Front Page Templates to fit your needs and course information.

No matter which front page template you choose, this guide is designed to assist you in getting the sample content out and your content in!  

Below are links to the three Front Page Templates  in the HSU Canvas Faculty Guide for you to preview.  The actual templates are currently available to import from the Canvas Commons. Instructions for importing the templates are below.

1. Import the Template into your course

From any Canvas page, click the Commons button in the Global Navigation Bar.

Canvas Global Navigation Commons button

In the search bar type "HSU Canvas Front Page" and the first three results should be templates 1, 2, and 3.

Canvas Commons search for "HSU Canvas Front Page"

Click on the template you'd like to use.

Search results for "HSU Canvas Front Page"
  1. On the right side of the page, select the check box next to the course(s) that you'd like to import into
  2. Click Import into Course
Canvas Commons import into Canvas course selection

You should see the following message at the top of the page:

Canvas Commons successful import message
  1. In the Global Navigation Bar on the left, click Courses
  2. Click on the course that you imported into
Canvas Courses menu item expanded

3. Inspect the imported page

In the Course Navigation Bar on the left, click Pages

Canvas Course Navigation bar showing Pages

At the top of the page, click View All Pages

Canvas View All Pages button

Locate and click on the imported template page.

Canvas course pages list

Take a look at the images used on the page, and decide what you'd like to replace them with.

The important thing here is the sizing of the images. When you are browsing for fair use images or cropping your own, keep these sizes in mind.

For example, the course title image at the top of this template needs to be cropped to about 1/2 the height of a standard image with the standard width.

4. Prepare and Upload your Images

If you need assistance uploading files to Canvas please follow this guide.

5. Replace the Template Content

On the template page, click the Edit button to open the Rich Content Editor.

Canvas Page Edit button

To start, rename the page to fit your course.

Canvas Page Title textbox
Canvas Page Title textbox with title changed

Remove the template information/directions at the top of the page.

Canvas Front Page Template Information to delete

Replace the text content with your course information.

Canvas Front Page Template course Information to replace

5.1. Replace the Images

Click on an image to select it. It should be highlighted in blue.

Use the Delete key on your keyboard to remove the image from the page.

Canvas Rich Text Editor - Embed Image button

Click the Embed Image button to bring up the embed options pop out window.

Canvas Rich Text Editor - Embed Image button
  1. Click on the Canvas tab to view your Canvas Files
  2. Locate the image in the file browser and select it
  3. Give the image descriptive alternative text for accessibility
  4. (Optional) You can give the image numeric dimensions here, but you will also be able to re-size it after embedding
  5. Click Update
Canvas Rich Text Editor Insert/Edit Image popout window

You should see that the template image has been replaced.

Canvas Rich Text Editor with template image replaced

Click on the image to select it, and re-size using the boxes in each corner of the embedded image.

Canvas Rich Text Editor with image selected showing drag-to-resize boxes

Repeat this process as necessary for each image.

The images that you've placed in this page can be used as clickable buttons to link to Canvas content.

Click on an image to select it.

Canvas Rich Text Editor - selected image

In the content selector on the right side of the page, you will see three tabs: Links, Files, and Images.

Decide what content you would like to link and select it.

Canvas Rich Content Editor and Content Selector

You should see the image flash yellow when you make your link selection.

Canvas Rich Content Editor with linked image

Repeat this process as necessary for each image you want to link from.

When you are finished, click Save and test your links.

6. Additional Resources

To learn more about the Rich Content Editor, Front Page, Home Page, and more, follow these guides:

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You can also find many more informational tutorials in our Academic Technology Guides.