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How do I submit a text entry assignment in a course using Assignment Enhancements?

Canvas tutorial below:

You can submit a text entry submission in a Canvas course that uses Assignment Enhancements. Text entry assignments are created in the New Rich Content Editor. This lesson shows how to turn in a standard online assignment in a course using Assignment Enhancements. If your instructor allows, you may also have the option to resubmit assignments.

Before submitting an assignment, you may want to review all assignment information, such as the assignment rubric.


  • If the assignment you are accessing displays differently, Assignment Enhancements may not be enabled in your course or your instructor may not have used a supported assignment type. Please view this guide for more information.
  • Assignment Enhancements does not support the following assignment types: No Submission, Group Assignments, Peer Reviews, and Cloud Assignments.
  • Not all file types may be available for your assignment, depending on the assignment submission type set by your instructor.
  • Not all of your assignments may be submitted online. If you cannot see options to submit your work, your instructor may want you to submit your assignment in a different way or the assignment is not within its availability dates.
  • For instruction on completing an assignment, view the assignment details or contact your instructor for assistance.

Canvas tutorial below: