How do I reset my password as a student?

How do I reset my password as a student?

If you created your own Canvas account, you can reset your password through a link in the password request email.

If your login credentials were provided to you by your institution, you may not be able to reset your Canvas password on your own. Additionally, if you log in to Canvas using your institution's authentication system, you may need to reset your password using your institution's website. If you request a password reset and the email does not have a password reset link, it will include your Canvas email address and the institution that provided you with your password. To change or verify your password, contact the system administrators at your institution.


  • A password reset email may take up to five minutes to arrive in your email inbox.
  • Password reset emails expire after two hours.
  • If you can log in to Canvas and want to change your password, please visit the How do I change my login password as a student? lesson.

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