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How do I embed a Google Form in a Canvas discussion?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create and embed a Google Form into a new Canvas discussion topic.

Make sure that you use your Humboldt State University Google account to create your form and response sheet.

1. Log in

Either through myHumboldt or Google, log in to your HSU account.

Google Sign in button
myHumbodt login screen

You can access Drive through the Applications button on the Google Homepage or by searching for "Google Drive."

Google Applications dropdown
Google Drive search results

3. Create a new folder

Create a folder to house your Google Form and Response Sheet by clicking  NEW -> Folder.

Google Drive : New -> folder

Name your folder (e.g. COMM 100 Survey) and click CREATE.

Google Drive naming new folder

4. Create a new form

Create a form by clicking  NEW -> More -> Google Forms.

Google Drive : New -> More -> Form

5. Edit your form

Give your form a meaningful name and description then use the interface to add questions.

You will most likely use the short answer or multiple choice question types.

Use the Add option button to add answers to multiple choice questions.

Use the + button to add questions.

Google Form questions creation

6. Modify the form's settings

1. Click on the Settings Gear in the upper right corner.

2. Uncheck the box next to Collect email addresses.

3. Check the box next to Restrict to Humboldt State University users.

4. Check the box next to Limit to 1 response.

5. Click SAVE.

Google Form settings button
Google Form settings window

7. Modify your form's responses settings

1. Click on the Responses tab.

2. Click on the green button to 'Create spreadsheet'.

Google Forms response settings window

8. Create a new spreadsheet

1. Select the  Create a new spreadsheet option and rename your sheet if you'd like.

2. Click CREATE.

Your Google Sheet should open in a new tab.

Google Forms response destination window

9. Copy the embed code for your form

1. From the form editing page, click Send.

2. Click on the embed tab denoted by the '< >' symbol.

Google Form SEND button
Google Form SEND options window with embed button

1. Click Copy  to copy the embed link to your clipboard.

2. Click X.

Google Form embed options window

OPTIONAL: You can edit the Width and Height of your embedded form from this menu.

Navigate to the Canvas course where you would like to embed the form and click Discussions in the Course Navigation Menu.

Canvas course navigation menu

11. Create a new Discussion

Click  +Discussion  to create a new discussion.

Canvas add discussion button

12. Title the Discussion post

Give your discussion a meaningful title. If your classmates will be posting forms to discussions as well, you will most likely include your name in this title.

Canvas discussion title textbox

13. Embed the Google Form

Click on HTML Editor then paste your previously copied embed code into the text area.

Canvas discussion editing HTML Editor button
Canvas discussion editing HTML text area

The embed code should look something like the code below. (An HTML iframe)

Canvas discussion editing HTML text area with pasted embed code

14. Save changes

Click  SAVE  to save changes and view your embedded Google Form.

Canvas discussion editing Save button

You should now see your Google Form embedded into a new discussion topic.

Discussion post with embedded Google Form

15. Test the Form

You can fill out the form and submit it to test your automation process.

Embedded survey testing

Immediately after submitting the form, you should see a new row in the Responses spreadsheet.

Google Response Sheet