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How do I create a copy of a Google Doc to post as a Discussion reply?

In this tutorial, you will learn to make a copy of a Google Doc posted by your instructor in order to edit and post your version as a Discussion reply.

Important: Please make sure you are only logged in to your HSU Google account anywhere in the browser you are using, including to the browser itself.

Being logged in to another Google account, such as a personal account, could cause problems with this process.

1. Open the discussion

Open the Canvas course discussion where the Google Doc is posted.

Google Doc embedded in Canvas discussion

2. Copy the Google Doc

Create a copy of the Google Doc by clicking File -> Make a copy...

Google Doc - make a copy button

3. Name the copy

Rename your copy, likely including your name, and click OK.

Google Doc - copy document window

4. Edit the copy

Your copy of the Google Doc should be automatically opened in a new window. This is where you will edit the document before embedding it in the discussion.

Your changes will be saved automatically.

Google Doc in Docs window

5. Reply to the Discussion Post

From the Canvas discussion, click Reply at the bottom of the page.

Canvas discussion - reply button

6. Embed the Google Doc

Click the More External Tools button displayed as a blue downward arrow icon, and then on Google Drive.

Canvas discussion - Google Drive button

Locate your Google Doc by searching or browsing the list of your Google Drive contents. Select the document and click EMBED.

Canvas discussion - Google Drive content selector

Click Post Reply on the bottom-right.

Note: You will see a blank box in edit mode. Your document will be viewable once posted.

Canvas discussion - post reply button

7. Check the reply

Congratulations! You should now have successfully shared your Google Doc. You will now be able to update the document and your updates will appear in the embedded document in the discussion forum.

Canvas discussion reply with Google Doc embedded