How do I use the Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a powerful scheduling tool that allows you to create, share, and view events across calendars. Here are some of the features:

  • Faculty and student calendars are automatically synced with their class schedules.
  • You can add and view other users' schedules and request to view their full calendars.
  • Along with each user having a personal calendar, calendars can be created for courses, projects, or any group.
  • Zoom Meetings can be scheduled directly through Google Calendar with the Zoom Scheduler Extension for Chrome.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the many features of the Google Calendar.

Getting to your Calendar

Go to and check if you are signed in in the top right corner.

If you are signed in to your HSU Google account, you should see either a picture that you uploaded or the first letter of your first name.

If you are not signed in, click the Sign in button and use your HSU credentials to log in.

Google Sign in button and signed in profile image

In the top right corner, click the Google Apps button (3x3 grid) then click Calendar.

Google Apps Tray showing Calendar button
Viewing Events

Google Calendar will display your personal calendar, your coworkers' calendars that you have added, as well as any calendars that have been shared with you or that you have created.

Each calendar will be displayed using a different color for its Event cards.

Google Calendar Main Screen
Switching views

To toggle which calendars appear in your current view, check/uncheck the boxes to the left of each calendar.

Google Calendar - Calendar checkboxes

To change the color or settings of each calendar, hover over the item then click the three dots to the right.

Google Calendar - individual calendar settings menu

To switch between views (Day, Week, Month, Year, Schedule, and Custom) click the View dropdown to the left of the Settings gear.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts displayed to the right of each option.

Google Calendar Views dropdown
Adding Calendars

To add another user's calendar, begin typing their name or email in the Add a coworker's calendar text box.

Google Calendar - add a coworker's calendar

To add a calendar other than a user's, click the + button next to Add a coworker's calendar.

You can add:

  • a resource's calendar (classroom/lab)
  • a calendar from URL
  • calendars of interest (holidays, sports, etc.)

or you can create a new calendar.

Google Calendar - add other calendar
Creating Events

To create a new Event, click the + button in the bottom right corner.

Google Calendar Create Event button
Event Name and Scheduling

Name your Event in the title bar at the top of the page.

Google Calendar Event title

Click the default dates and times to adjust when your Event will take place.

You can also use the Find a Time feature once you have added guests.

Google Calendar Event start date

If this will be a recurring Event, choose an appropriate option from the Does not repeat dropdown.

Google Calendar Repeat Event dropdown
Google Calendar Repeat Event dropdown
Event Details

Add a location for your Event. This can be a real address or something like "Third Floor of the Library."

Google Calendar Event Location field

You can Add Conferencing to your meeting through Google Hangouts if your meeting requires outside discussion, or if you have guests that can not attend.

Google Calendar Event Add Conferencing dropdown

Modify the name of the Hangout in the text box to the right.

Google Calendar Event Conferencing Hangout name

Add Notifications to remind you of your meeting.

These can be sent as emails or Desktop/Mobile Notifications if your device has Google Calendar notifications enabled.

Google Calendar Event Notifications

How to change your Google Calendar notifications settings on:

Choose which calendar to add the Event to. All calendars that you have editing privileges of are displayed.

Google Calendar Event - which calendar dropdown

Toggle the color of the Event card with the color dropdown to the right.

Google Calendar Event Color dropdown

Select how Google Calendar will display your availability to others during the Event.

Google Calendar Event availability display options

Select how Google Calendar will display the Event itself to others who can view your calendar.

Google Calendar Event display options

Add a description to your Event with the text editor. Here you can attach files, insert links, and input lists (numbered or bulleted).

Google Calendar Event description
Guests and Rooms

In the panel on the right, you can select guests to add by beginning to type their names or email addresses.

Google Calendar Event Guests

Decide what privileges invited guests should have over this Event.

Google Calendar Event Guest Privileges

Click the ROOMS tab to view available HSU classrooms and labs if you'd like to schedule your meeting in a specific place.

Google Calendar Event - HSU Rooms

Clicking a room will add the name of the room to the Location field, as well as add the room (resource) to the guest list.

Google Calendar Event - HSU Room added as guest
Find a Time

Once you have added guests to your Event, you can use the Find a Time feature to browse each attendees personal calendar for their availability.

This way you can find a time that works for everyone involved without asking anyone for their availability.

Google Calendar Event - Find a Time

Each member's calendar will be displayed using a different color for the Event cards.

You can toggle which calendars will be displayed using the Guests panel on the right.

Google Calendar Event - Find a Time - Guests' calendars to display

You can drag and drop the empty, gray card to adjust when your meeting will take place. Notice that the date and time fields above change accordingly.

Google Calendar Event - Find a Time - drag and drop card
Google Calendar Event - Date and Time fields
Saving your Event

You can save your changes to the Event at any time by clicking SAVE in the top middle of the screen.

Google Calendar Event - Save button

If you have added guests to your Event, you will be prompted to send invitations.

Select Cancel Changes, Don't Send, or Send.

Google Calendar Event - Send invitations prompt

If you have attached a Google Drive file that is not shared with all guests, you will be prompted to share the file.

Click More options.

Google Calendar Event - Share Drive file prompt
  1. Select Guests of this event
  2. Decide what privileges guests should have over the file
  3. Select Share & Save
Google Calendar Event - Share Drive file prompt - Guests of this event: Can view
Calendar Settings

To change your overall Google Calendar settings, click the settings gear in the top right, then click Settings.

Google Calendar Settings gear

Here is a list of settings categories you can adjust. Use these links in the top left to jump to a category.

Google Calendar Settings Categories

From the Settings page, you can adjust individual calendar settings by clicking the calendar's name.

Google Calendar - individual calendar settings
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