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How do I schedule a Zoom Meeting using Google Calendar?

In this tutorial you will learn how to schedule a Zoom Meeting as a Google Calendar Event.

Add the Zoom Scheduler to Chrome

If you are using a campus computer, you can skip this step.

Before scheduling Zoom Meetings within Google Calendar, we need to install a Google Chrome Extension called Zoom Scheduler.

Use Google Chrome Browser to open this link to the Chrome Web Store.

In the top left corner of the screen, search for Zoom Scheduler.

Chrome Web Store search for "Zoom Scheduler"

Click on the Zoom Scheduler by Zoom-for-Chrome.

Click + ADD TO CHROME to install the Extension.

Zoom Scheduler search results
Zoom Scheduler - Add to Chrome button

Create a new Google Calendar Event

Click the + button in the bottom right corner of Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Create Event button

Make it a Zoom Meeting

After modifying your Event settings and guest list, click on Make it a Zoom Meeting.

Google Calendar - Make it a Zoom Meeting button

If you are not currently logged in to Zoom, you will see the following error message.

Click OK.

Google Calendar - Not logged in to Zoom Chrome error

Click on the Zoom Icon in the top right corner of the Chrome Browser.

Zoom Chrome Extension button

Click Sign In with Google.

Zoom Chrome Sign in - Sign In with Google button

If you are asked to choose an account, select your HSU Google account (e.g. abc123@humboldt.edu) and log in through the myHumboldt portal.

Google Sign in - Choose an account

In the Google Calendar Event, again click on Make it a Zoom Meeting.

Google Calendar - Make it a Zoom Meeting button

Use the popup window to select your Zoom Meeting options.

Click Continue when you are finished editing.

Zoom Chrome Extension - Schedule Options popout

The meeting location and meeting description boxes will have been changed automatically by the Zoom Extension.

Google Calendar Event - location set to Zoom Meeting link
Google Calendar Event - description set to Zoom meeting standard invitation

You can modify the description to include additional or alternative information, but you should include at least the meeting link and the meeting ID.

Google Calendar Event - Modified location and description

Click SAVE when you are finished editing your Event.

Google Calendar Event - Save button