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How do I copy the contents of my U drive to Google Drive?

In this tutorial you will learn how to copy the contents of your public_html folder on the HSU U-drive to Google Drive.

This process must be completed on a campus computer that is mapped to the U-drive. WinSCP, Cyberduck or other file transfer application can be used to move the files from you home computer.

Windows version
1. Find the public_html folder in the U-drive

Open the File Explorer

Locate the U-drive in the File Explorer

1. The U-drive should be mapped to the Network locations in the directory

2. It should be identifiable by by having your HSU username on the title

3. Click the icon or title to open the U-drive in the File Explorer

Locate the public_html folder in the list of folders in the directory list

2. Open Google Drive using your HSU-associated email

Click this link to open Google Drive

Open Google Drive

to Google Drive with your HSU-Username email address

Enter your HSU email address, then click "Next"

Login to your HSU account

3. Create a folder in Google Drive for your content

Click "New" to open the dialog box

Select "Folder" from the dialog box

Create the folder

Enter a name, then click "Create"

4. With both windows open on the Desktop, drag the Public_html folder to the new folder in Google Drive
Mac version
1. Connect to the U-drive (remote server) via the Finder's Go Menu

1. Open the Finder window

2. Open the Go menu

3. Click "Connect to Server" in the pop-up Menu

4. In the Connect to Server dialog box, enter: smb://folders.humboldt.edu/<userid>

5. Click Connect


Replace the <userid> portion of the above address with your HSU User ID.  For example, if my name were Adam B. Couch and my HSU User ID was abc123, I would enter smb://folders.humboldt.edu/abc123

2. In a browser window open Google Drive

Be sure you are logged into your HSU gmail account.  

3. Upload the public_html folder to Google Drive

Click "New" button on at the top of the Google Drive menu

Click "Folder upload" on the pop-up dialog box

In the file directory menu on the dialog box, hover with the mouse over "Shared" and the "Show" button should allow you to expand the "Shared" menu

1. The "Shared" section should list the remote server (folders.humboldt.edu), double click to open the directory

2. Locate the folder with your Username and open the folder with double click

Locate the public_html folder, select it and click Upload

A dialog box will open to warn you to only upload these files if you trust the site.

Click Upload on the dialog box to complete the process.  The upload will begin.

If you need to share this folder with another user. Please follow this Google Support guide on Sharing Folders via Google Drive