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Instructors | Adding McGraw-Hill Campus Connect to my course

This guide will show instructors how to add the McGraw-Hill Campus Connect external tool to Modules in Canvas.

1. Open Modules

Navigate to the Modules tab from the Course Navigation sidebar menu.

2. Add new Module

Click the + button associated with the Module group where you want the McGraw-Hill external tool to be located.

McGraw-Hill Module - Add item button

3. Select External Tool

From the drop-down menu, select External Tool.

Canvas External Tool Module Item

4. Scroll down and select McGraw-Hill Connect

  1. Select McGraw-Hill Connect
  2. Click Add Item.
Add McGraw-Hill Connect Module Item

5. Open the Module Item

Select the McGraw-Hill Connect Module item.

McGraw-Hill Connect Module Item

6. Authorize this app

Click Authorize

Canvas McGraw-Hill Authorization

7. Follow the prompts to register and pair your class with this external tool.

McGraw-Hill Connect Begin pairing button

Click Begin.

McGraw-Hill Connect Continue pairing button

Click continue.

McGraw-Hill Connect sign in
  1. If you already have an account with McGraw-Hill, then Sign-in.
  2. If you do not have an account,then click Register for a Connect account.
McGraw-Hill Connect account creation

Register for a Connect account by filling out this form. Click Finish.

McGraw-Hill Connect Course creation

After registering for a Connect account, create a Connect course by searcing for the textbook you are using for your course.

  1. Search for the McGraw-Hill textbook then click Search
  2. Click on the correct textbook
McGraw-Hill Connect course details
  1. Create a name for your course in McGraw-Hill Connect.
  2. Choose the time zone.
  3. Name your section.
  4. Click Create Course.
McGraw-Hill Connect finished pairing confirmation

Congratulations! You have now successfully paired your Canvas course with Connect. Click Return to Humboldt CANVAS

Article Summary

You have successfully paired your course with McGraw-Hill Campus Connect.

McGraw-Hill Connect Help Links

Need help? View this McGraw-Hill guide and video (Connect Training Prep) for more information.