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Instructors | Deploying Connect assignments to Canvas

This guide will show instructors how to deploy McGraw-Hill Connect assignments to their Canvas course. Deploying assignments to Canvas allows students to access these assignments directly in the Canvas course.

1. Add the McGraw-Hill Connect external tool to Modules

Need help adding McGraw-Hill Connect to Modules? Please click here for help.

2. Connect the section to McGraw-Hill

Select McGraw-Hill Connect in Modules, then click Go to my Connect section

McGraw-Hill Connect Go to my Connect Section screen

3. If you do not have assignments created in Connect yet, create a new assignment

Click +Add Assignment, and follow the prompts to create a new assignment.

McGraw-Hill Connect Add Assignment button

4. Deploy your assignment in Connect to Canvas

McGraw-Hill Connect Assignment deployment

Select your assignment by clicking the box associated with your assignment.

McGraw-Hill Connect  stacked papers icon

Click the stacked papers icon

McGraw-Hill Connect Deploy/Manage button

Click Deploy/manage

McGraw-Hill Connect Assignment grade type options
  1. Select the Grade Type for this assignment (best, last, or average).
  2. Click Deploy.
McGraw-Hill Connect Deploying Assignments confirmation

Click Ok

Article Summary

The appearance of the Canvas icon next to the assignment shows that the assignment is successfully deployed.

McGraw-Hill Connect successfully deployed assignment icon