Creating a Student Portfolium account

You will learn how to create an account in Portfolium.

1. Go to

Proceed to .

Enter the URL

2. Join Portfolium

To create a new account, click Join button located in the upper right corner.

Click the join button

3. Enter your email address

Enter your email
  1. Type in your Humboldt State University email address.
  2. Click Continue.

4. Select your school

Enter your school name
  1. Type your school's name.
  2. Click Next.

5. Create your new Portfolium account with your name and new password

Create a  free account
  1. Enter your name.
  2. Create a strong password.
  3. Choose Account Type: such as Undergraduate Student, Granduate Student, and Alumni.
  4. Click Continue.

6. Choose your major

Enter your major
  1. Type in your major at HSU. This can always be changed.
  2. Click Next.

7. Choose your graduation year

Enter your graduation
  1. Choose the year you plan to graduate.
  2. Click Next.

8. Select your skills

If you wish to go back to a previous menu, select the dots on the right side of the screen.

Enter your skills
  1. Type in any skills you have. Portfolium lists popular skills associated with your chosen major.
  2. When finished, click Next.

9. Article Summary

Now you have successfully created your Student Portfolium account. Click around and explore all the possibilities you can do with Portfolium!

Portfolium dashboard