How do I add a Canvas course to Turning Point?

In this tutorial you will learn how to add an existing Canvas course into Turning Point.

This guide is for instructors.

1. Log in to Canvas

From the myHumboldt home page or by directly navigating to, sign in to Canvas using your HSU credentials.

myHumbodt Canvas button

2. Access your Turning Technologies Account

From the Global Navigation Menu on the left, click on Account then Settings.

Canvas Account and Settings buttons

Click Turning Account Registration from the Account Navigation Menu.

Canvas Account Settings - Turning Account Registration

If you have not created an account, you will be prompted to at this point. Follow this guide for more assistance.

3. Connect your Canvas Course

When you first log in, you should see a Quick Start Guide.

IMPORTANT! Step #2 says "Log into TurningPoint or Enter your course and start creating your content."

Please DO NOT create content within the online console. This content will not be available from within the Desktop application and online polling only works with mobile devices.

Content created from within the online console WILL NOT be supported by Academic Technology.

Turning Point web console - Quick Start Guide popup

Under the heading Available Courses, click Sign In.

Turning Point web console - Sign in to Canvas button

Log in using your HSU credentials.

myHumboldt login screen

Click Authorize.

Canvas - Turning Technologies Authorization Confirmation

Click + Connect on any course that you would like to sync with Turning Point.

TurningPoint web console - Available Courses list showing connect button

Your Canvas course(s) have been linked to your Turning Point account!

They will now appear in your Turning Point Desktop Application where you should handle Question List creation and Polling as usual.