How do I upload grades from TurningPoint to Canvas?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to upload grades from Turning Point to Canvas.

1. Log in to Turning Point

Open the Turning Point desktop application and sign in with your HSU credentials.

Turning Point sign in button
myHumboldt login screen

2. Select the Manage Tab

Click on the MANAGE tab in the upper menu.

Turning Point Dashboard - Manage Tab

3. Select a course

From the left menu (course list), select the course that you would like to upload grades for.

If you have not yet added your Canvas course to Turning Point, follow this guide.

If you have not yet imported sessions into Turning Point, follow this guide.

Turning Point Dashboard Manage Tab

4. Upload Grades

1.  Click the Upload Grades button.

Turning Point Upload Grades Button

2.  Connect to the integration by selecting Canvas from the dropdown, using the server address

Turning Point Connect to Integration Window

You don't need to fill out the Username or Password fields.

Check the Remember this information box, and next time you'll only have to click Connect!

3.  Use your HSU credentials to log in to myHumboldt.

myHumboldt login screen

This step may be skipped if Turning Point remembers your login information.

4.  Click Authorize to allow Turning Technologies to access your Canvas account.

Canvas authorization screen

5.  Select the session(s) that you would like to upload.

6.  Then click Export.

Turning Point columns to export window

If you are uploading individual sessions, you will most likely not use the Totals columns. (Total Performance, Total Participation, Total Points)

7.  Verify the number of columns being uploaded and click Export.

Turning Point number of columns

Turning Point will notifiy you of any unlicensed participants. These participants' grades will not be uploaded to Canvas.

8.  Click OK.

Unlicensed Participants window

In rare cases, it may take up to an hour for the upload to complete.