How do I import and export sessions in TuringPoint?

In this tutorial you will learn how to import or export sessions into any course on Turning Point.

1. Log into Turning Point Dashboard

Open the Turning Point desktop application and sign in with your HSU credentials.

If you need help adding your Canvas course to Turning Point, follow this guide.

2. Select the Manage Tab

1. Click on the MANAGE tab in the upper menu.

2. Select the course you would like to manage sessions for. (Sessions will be listed below your course)

Turning Point Dashboard with Manage tab open
Exporting a Session

1. In the Session dropdown menu above your course list, select Export.

2. A new window will show all sessions, select which session you'd like to export.

3. In the Export to Directory field, choose where you would like to export the session(s). (The default will be the local Turning Point folder)

4. Click Save.

Turning Point Dashboard with Export window opened.

5. Enter your Turning Point password.

6. Re-enter your Turning Point password.

7. Click Export and the session(s) will be saved to your computer.

Turning Point session password window
Importing a Session

1.  In the Session dropdown menu above your course list, select Import.

Turning Point Dashboard with Manage tab open

2. In the file browser pop-up window, locate and select your desired session file(s).

3. Click Open.

Your session(s) will be imported into the course you selected previously.

Turning Point Dashboard with Import window open

In some cases, imported sessions will be added to the Auto Course. You can drag and drop sessions between courses.

Turning Point Dashboard with newly imported session