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Changing Turnitin settings for an assignment

This guide is for use of the Turnitin Canvas External Tool.

If you are attempting to manage an assignment using the Canvas built-in Plagiarism Review feature, please follow the Turnitin Guides.

How do I change Turnitin settings for an assignment?

As of May 15, all Turnitin documentation will be maintained directly by Turnitin, and this document will be removed from the Canvas Guides on August 4. For assistance with Turnitin, please reference the Turnitin Canvas User Guides. 

As part of a Turnitin assignment, you must specify the settings that are allowed for student submissions. Turnitin settings must be created or confirmed before students can view the assignment.

The LTI currently includes a few limitations in Turnitin settings:

  • By default Turnitin always allows students to submit their assignment as a text entry or upload files that can generate Originality Reports: Text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx/.pps/.ppsx), Microsoft Excel (.xls/.xlsx), PostScript (.ps/.eps), Portable Document Format (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), HyperText Markup Language (.html), WordPerfect (.wpd), Hangul (.hwp), and Open Office Text (.odt). They can also upload an assignment from Google Drive or Dropbox. In Turnitin settings, you can also allow students to submit any file that is less than 40 MB, has a minimum of 20 words, and is less than 400 pages.
  • Assignments honor Turnitin resubmission settings; they do not automatically allow resubmissions like regular Canvas assignments.

Note: The Turnitin LTI is responsive to the size of your browser window. Your view of the Turnitin LTI may vary from the images shown in this lesson.