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Instructors | Adding VoiceThread in Assignments

You will learn how to create a graded VoiceThread assignment in Canvas

1. Create a new assignment

In the Assignments tab, click the + Assignment button [1] located at the top right of the page. You may also add a VoiceThread directly into an Assignment group by clicking the + button [2] associated with that group.

Assignment Page highlighting +Assignment button and + button.

2. Edit the new assignment

Give your new assignment a name and a description, if you choose.

empty create an assignment window

3. Find VoiceThread tool

From the More External Tools [1] button, scroll down and select VoiceThread [2].

showing create assignment window and how to navigate to the more external tools button to acces voicethread

4. Choose the assignment type

The Assignment Builder option creates a graded assignment, which will be integrated in your Canvas course grade book. You can see the uses for the other VoiceThread options by hovering over the info icon.

VoiceThread menu with an arrow pointing to Assignment Buildter Button

From Assignment Builder, choose the type of VoiceThread assignment.

VoiceThread assignment window showing thre three options of assignments, create, submit and watch.
  1. Create a VoiceThread - Students must create or upload their own VoiceThread to satisfy the assignment.
  2. Submit a Comment - Students must comment on the VoiceThread created by the instructor.
  3. Watch a VoiceThread - Where students must watch the VoiceThread from start to finish.

6. Edit settings

After choosing your VoiceThread assignment, you can choose more parameters for your assignment before finishing. When you have completed setting up your VoiceThread, click Create Assignment and Save.

VoiceThread Create Assignment window with an arrow pointing to the Create Assignment button that to the right of the screen.
Voicethread demonstrating how to save the assignment

After you have finished editing the other details of your assignment (i.e. due date, etc.) click Save.

Image of Save button next to the Save and Publis button in the lower right corner of the editor page.

Article Summary

You have now successfully created a VoiceThread in your course Assignments. Click for more information about VoiceThreads in Canvas.

VoiceThread assignment embeded in the Canvas Assignments page