Instructors | Adding VoiceThread in Modules

You will learn how to create a ungraded VoiceThread in Modules within Canvas.

An ungraded VoiceThread will not create a column within the Canvas grade book.  Use the Assignment Builder to create a graded assignment or add a column manually to the grade book for this type of VoiceThread.

1. Create a new Module

In the Modules tab, click the + button associated with the Module group where you want the VoiceThread to be located.

Screenshot of Canvas Module's page with an arrow pointing to the + button on the right of the page.

2. Add VoiceThread

Add Module window highligting Add External tool from the drop down menu and scroll to the VoiceThread link. Then Add Item button at the right bottom of the page.
  1. Select External Tool from the drop-down menu
  2. Scroll down and select VoiceThread 
  3. Select the VoiceThread Setup page you would like it to link to (Course View, Home, Individual VT, Assignment Builder)
  4. Click on Add Item

This creates a link to VoiceThread within the course Module. 

VoiceThreads within Modules are not graded, so the Assignment Builder option is not available. Here, you can choose:

  1. Course View - Displays all the VoiceThreads shared with the course. This is useful for students to review all course materials or to comment on other students' work.
  2. Individual VT - Choose one VoiceThread to be displayed. This is useful to show students one specific VoiceThread, especially for a discussion board or lecture.
  3. VT Home - Displays all of a student's VoiceThread contents for all of their courses.


Voicethread set up page, buttons linking to course view, home, and individual vt.

Article Summary

You have now successfully created a VoiceThread in your course Modules. Click for more information about VoiceThread in Canvas.