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Students | Replying to a comment on VoiceThread

This tutorial will show students how to reply to a comment in VoiceThread. Students can only leave a private reply and private replies cannot be applied to the required comment count for an assignment.

1. Find the VoiceThread assignment

Log in to Canvas and navigate to your course. If you need help loggin in to Canvas, please check out this tutorial: How do I log in to Canvas?

Click on the Assignments tab from Course Navigation

Canvas course navigation with assignments highlighted

Click on the VoiceThread assignment provided by your instructor.

For the purposes of this tutorial, the VoiceThread assignment is titled "VoiceThread- Reply to a comment."

Canvas Assignments page with VoiceThread assignment selected

2. Select the comment to reply to

Comments are associated with the profile icon or initials of the person who left the comment. By clicking this square on the left-hand side, the comment associated with that person will appear.

VoiceThread assignment with comments on it, with a selected comment.

Click on the Make a Private Reply button.

VoiceThread comment opened with the lock icon highlighted, the first icon at the bottom of the comment.

3. Choose the type of comment to leave

For more information about the types of comments, please view this guide: Students | How do I add a comment to VoiceThread?

VoiceThread comment options opened

Article Summary

You have successfully learned how to leave a private comment on VoiceThread! Your private comment will appear like this and only the person who you privately replied to will be able to see your reply.

For more information, please visit this VoiceThread How-To: Private Reply to a Comment

VoiceThread showing confirmation of private comment sent.